Owncloud 2.1.0 client Linux

Owncloud 2.1.0 client Linux


Owncloud 2.1.0 client Linux !!  Finalmente dopo diverso tempo è uscita la versione 2.1.0 client desktop del nostro amato Owncloud!. Possiamo definitivamente dire addio agli errori che comparivano in precedenza “not implemeted” ecc.. con questa versione possiamo tranquillamente sincronizzare il nostro account remoto Owncloud con la nostra cartella locale. Come sempre nella mia Repository potete trovare la versione già compilata di Owncloud per slackware linux 64 bit ( ricordate di installare anche qtkeychain )  e la versione per Windows. Per i più smanettoni come me… sempre nella repository potete trovare anche i sorgenti con lo slackbuild pronto per compilare la il vostro tgz!!


Release 2.1.0 December 3rd 2015

  • GUI: Added a separate view for not synced items, ignores, errors
  • GUI: Improved upload/download progress UI (#3403, #3569)
  • Allowed sharing with ownCloud internal users and groups from Desktop
  • Changed files starting in .* to be considered hidden on all platforms (#4023)
  • Reflect read-only permissions in filesystem (#3244)
  • Blacklist: Clear on successful chunk upload (#3934)
  • Improved reconnecting after network change/disconnect (#4167 #3969 …)
  • Improved performance in Windows file system discovery
  • Removed libneon-based propagator. As a consequence, The client can no longer provide bandwith limiting on Linux-distributions where it is using Qt < 5.4
  • Performance improvements in the logging functions
  • Ensured that local disk space problems are handled gracefully (#2939)
  • Improved handling of checksums: transport validation, db (#3735)
  • For *eml-files don’t reupload if size and checksum are unchanged (#3235)
  • Ensured 403 reply code is handled properly (File Firewall) (#3490)
  • Reduced number of PROPFIND requests to server(#3964)
  • GUI: Added Account toolbox widget to keep account actions (#4139)
  • Tray Menu: Added fixes for Recent Activity menu (#4093, #3969)
  • FolderMan: Fixed infinite wait on pause (#4093)
  • Renamed env variables to include unit (#2939)
  • FolderStatusModel: Attempt to detect removed undecided files (#3612)
  • SyncEngine: Don’t whipe the white list if the sync was aborted (#4018)
  • Quota: Handle special negative value for the quota (#3940)
  • State app name in update notification (#4020)
  • PropagateUpload: Fixed double-emission of finished (#3844)
  • GUI: Ensured folder names which are excluded from sync can be clicked
  • Shell Integration: Dolphin support, requires KF 5.16 and KDE Application 15.12
  • FolderStatusModel: Ensured reset also if a folder was renamed (#4011)
  • GUI: Fixed accessiblity of remaing items in full settings toolbar (#3795)
  • Introduced the term “folder sync connection” in more places (#3757)
  • AccountSettings: Don’t disable pause when offline (#4010)
  • Fixed handling of hidden files (#3980)
  • Handle download errors while resuming as soft errors (#4000)
  • SocketAPI: Ensured that the command isn’t trimmed (#3297)
  • Shutdown socket API before removing the db (#3824)
  • GUI: Made “Keep” default in the delete-all dialog (#3824)
  • owncloudcmd: Introduced return code 0 for –version and –help
  • owncloudcmd: Added –max-sync-retries (#4037)
  • owncloudcmd: Don’t do a check that file are older than 2s (#4160)
  • Fixed getting size for selective sync (#3986)
  • Re-added close button in the settings window (#3713)
  • Added abililty to handle storage limitations gracefully (#3736)
  • Updated 3rdparty dependencies: sqlite version 3.9.1
  • Organized patches to our base Qt version into admin/qt/patches
  • Plus: A lot of unmentioned improvements and fixes

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